Humans are the most populous race in the world of Tane.

Humans are known to be a highly intelligent, resourceful and strong race. However, their tendency to fight among themselves represents a serious weakness.


The origins and early histories of mankind are told in myths and legends around the world, though the reliability is questionable.

Regardless of their precise origins, humans have been greatly successful. While not the only dominant race in the world of Tane, humans are one of the most adaptable. Despite their strengths, humans are also one of the most divided races of Tane, constantly fighting among themselves for one reason or another.


Humans are probably the most culturally diverse race of Tane, as they have nations and/or tribes on almost every continent, each with different customs and traditions.


Humans are one of the most religiously diverse races of Tane. Major Human religions include the Veritas Church, the Church of Alicia, the Twins, the Divines, the Archons, Hao Han and the Kame.

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