The Veritas Church is one of the dominant religious organizations in the world of Tane. It is based around the teachings of Calpernia, the daughter and prophet of God, and was founded by Athos Zisa, the first king of Vega. The followers of the Veritas Church are known as Calpernians.

The goal of the Veritas Church is to spread the teachings of Calpernia all over Tane and to all races and cultures. The view of the Veritas Church on non-followers is that they need saving, a view that has led to many wars.






Church of AliciaEdit

Main article: Church of Alicia

The dominant religion of Alicia and various northern nations, the Church of Alicia broke away from the Veritas Church during the Third Era over fundamentally differing interpretations of Calpernia and her teachings. The Church of Alicia teaches that Calpernia was not the daughter of God and that he does not interfere in the lives of his creations.

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